If you're a seller who will be remaining in your home while it's being marketed, then this option is for you!

Many of you have raised families in your homes and have collected a lot of furniture and clutter along the way. Your home needs some refreshing before you put it on the market.

By re-designing your existing furnishings, we maximize its showing appeal. We utilize your existing furniture and accessories and create the most aesthetically appealing environment possible to get your home sold fast for top dollar.

Things we do to help stage, or re-design, your home:

  • Depersonalize
  • De-clutter/ removal
  • Rearrange
  • Minimize noticeable imperfections and signs of age (i.e., older carpet / wallpaper / counters)
  • Maximize space with our innovative strategies.

We work quickly and efficiently to have your home ready for showings within a few hours.