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Should home owners upgrade and remodel in order to sell their home?
July 31, 2020 Richard Taveria

Should home owners upgrade and remodel in order to sell their home?

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I am always being asked this question. Every buyer has their own vision for the home they plan on buying and will change the paint, carpet, flooring, and fixtures out to compliment their own taste and style no matter if they are brand new or 40 years old. Most buyers are looking at room size, functionality, and space which is where staging comes in to play. I do think it’s necessary to fix things that are broken and bring your home up to code. But to spend a small fortune adding new carpet, flooring, paint, & fixtures more often than not is a waste and will not insure that your home will sell for the price you NEED to break even or make a profit. We always encourage our owners before investing in unneeded remodeling, which takes the house off the market until its complete, to try our service. After it’s fully and professionally staged the flaws and dated features are no longer the first thing a buyer sees when they walk in. They see a beautifully staged home that looks and feels great and allows them to mentally place their own furnishings as they tour the home. It’s tough to watch an owner spend money they don’t have to upgrade/remodel only to sit on the market and take multiple price reductions until it sells under list and the new buyer then guts the home and starts fresh.