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Why should I become a Home Manager instead of just renting?
July 31, 2020 Richard Taveria

Why should I become a Home Manager instead of just renting?

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Our Home Manager program is fairly exclusive and not everyone qualifies.  In fact, we encourage about 80% of the people we encounter to go ahead and rent.  Our Home Managers include some of the most successful people in Dallas who are between builds, buys, career & life changes who want to keep living in the same grand style they’ve become accustomed to which can’t always be found in a rental home.  As a Home Manager, you have the opportunity to live in condos, high rises, old and new houses, mansions and multi-million dollar estates while paying 50-75% LESS without the burden of getting locked into a long term lease. You’re able to tap into and show off your creative side by staging each home to the best of your ability with the help of our design team. Big money savings and a flexible lifestyle are highly appealing but you don’t even need a reason to become a Home Manager as this isn’t the 50’s where you’re locked into the same house until you die. When you join you become a lifetime member and can come and go within the program as often as you like.  Our folks enjoy this new way of life and get great satisfaction from helping owners sell their homes.