"Turning vacant houses into model Showhomes"

Home Management Services


Home Management Services from Showhomes of DallasIf you qualify, you could live in a $150,000 – $5,000,000+ home/condo for ONLY $850 to $5,500 a month. If you are an individual looking for a unique way to live – Look NO further!!  Showhomes of America is an innovative and dynamic marketing strategy created for the purpose of enhancing the sale of vacant homes.

If you have a flair for decorating our program could be an exciting opportunity for you. We take beautiful, vacant, upscale houses that are on the market for sale and place professional individuals and families with beautiful furnishings into these homes to stage the property as a “Showhome”. These professional individuals and families, known as “On-Site Home Managers”, live a life of luxury at apartment rent prices. No lease required.

To qualify to become a Home Manager, you are selected on the basis of your furniture’s compatibility with the homes we have available. If you and your family are friendly, somewhat adventurous, have nice furnishings and don’t smoke, Showhomes of America is the answer for you!!


  • Reduced monthly living expenses
  • Living in a beautiful “show” home
  • Opportunity to get familiar with an area before purchasing
  • Flexibility
  • No lease requirements

We have been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, HGTV, Travel Channel, CNN, CNBC and CBS Early Morning Show and featured in the Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine and USA Today.