"Turning vacant houses into model Showhomes"

Selling a Home

Since 1986 we have assisted over 88,000+ homeowners and realtors in the Dallas Metro area convert vacant properties into beautiful Showhomes.  As a result, these homes have usually sold quicker and for a higher price.

Showhomes of America carefully selects individuals who have qualified to become home managers by owning beautiful quality furnishings and accessories. Our professional interior decorators help place their items in the home to create a model home like atmosphere. Our home managers pay utilities and lawn/pool costs, while keeping the home “Ready To Show” 8:30 am – 9 pm, seven days a week. When the home sells, we transfer the home manager prior to closing, leaving the home clean and fresh for the new owner. In most cases, we will have another vacant home ready for our Home Manager to transfer to if they desire. We charge the Home Manager a fee each month that is based on about a 75% reduction from the normal market rental rate.


Showhomes of America is considered one of the most innovative ideas available to assist in the marketing of vacant homes. We have been featured on CBS, CNN, CNBC, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Our Home Show and in major publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and many others.

We are ready to help get your home sold quickly and for the price you deserve.

While The Home Is On The Market For Sale, Showhomes Of America Will Do The Following at virtually NO COST:

For Realtors and Homeowners

  • Beautifully furnish & professionally decorate & stage the property like a model utilizing our professional interior decorators
  • Help reduce holding costs
  • Pay partial lawn maintenance cost, i.e.: mowing, edging, blowing, trimming
  • Pay monthly pool cleaning costs
  • Eliminate interior cleaning costs during the marketing cycle
  • Help protect the home from vandalism
  • Help present the property daily from 8:30 am to 9 pm in an appealing manner

REO /RELO / Investors

Let Showhomes of Dallas help you sell your home.ENHANCED MARKETING APPEAL:

  • Model home atmosphere
  • Competitive edge: A tastefully furnished, well maintained home creates an atmosphere of increased value in the mind of a buyer.
  • Increased showings: The home remains on lockbox and in MLS and can be shown at a moments notice 7 days a week.
  • We remove that “desperate, distressed signal” that a vacant house gives to a buyer.
  • We remove misconceptions that a vacant house gives to room sizes and functionality.
  • A Showhome is a “SOLD” home.


  • All utilities paid by on-site Home Manager
  • Lawn and pool maintained by on-site Home Manager
  • Reduced insurance premiums and/or more comprehensive coverage
  • Repair issues are detected earlier which can prevent extreme damage


  • On-site management
  • 24 hour protection
  • Reduced theft and vandalism
  • Lawns and pools maintained
  • All utilites paid by on-site manager
  • Property value is maintained: A tastefully furnished home typically sells faster and for a higher price
  • Protection against deterioration

Owner Occupied Redesign

If you’re a seller who will be remaining in your home while it’s being marketed, then this option is for you!

Many of you have raised families in your homes and have collected a lot of furniture and clutter along the way. Your home needs some refreshing before you put it on the market.

By re-designing your existing furnishings, we maximize its showing appeal. We utilize your existing furniture and accessories and create the most aesthetically appealing environment possible to get your home sold fast for top dollar.

  • Things we do to help stage, or re-design, your home:
  • Depersonalize
  • De-clutter/ removal
  • Rearrange
  • Minimize noticeable imperfections and signs of age (i.e., older carpet / wallpaper / counters)
  • Maximize space with our innovative strategies.

We work quickly and efficiently to have your home ready for showings within a few hours.

Staging / Furnishing Only

We plan, coordinate & execute the staging process from start to finish.

  • We preview your vacant property.
  • We choose the appropriate furnishings.
  • We schedule delivery, set-up and pick-up.
  • We add final touches.

Depending on your tastes, budget and requirements, any additional accessories, rugs, lamps, wall art and bedding can be purchased for you at an additional cost.