"Turning vacant houses into model Showhomes"


At Showhomes we know we do a great job for you, but don’t take our word for it. Read what a few of our many clients have to say about us.

I highly recommend the excellent services of Showhomes of Dallas, especially Emily Rose who worked with me when I unexpectedly needed to sell my home in Plano. Emily and her staff tastefully re-staged my furnishings quickly and I was able to procure a buyer in less than 30 days. I will call on Showhomes of Dallas again in the future. They made selling my home very easy. 

Michael La Barba
Bent Tree Financial Group©
Addision, TX

Our home was on the market in Sachse, TX for 7 months without one offer on it. My realtor told me about Showhomes of America. I gave them a call to see what it was about. After talking to Emily it sounded like a win win. A wonderful family moved in and, I promise, it wasn’t but 4 DAYS and we had 2 OFFERS in one day.  It wasn’t as expensive as I thought and if I had known how well it worked, I would have called them the day I moved out. It could have saved me 7 months of paying double mortgages. Five star company in my book! Thank you Emily.

Scott Dietz
5916 Creek Crossing, Sachse, TX

I can’t say enough good things about the Home Manager, Cole, that you placed into our listing at 1112 Elizabeth Blvd in Fort Worth.  He was really fantastic on every level, was the highest level of professionalism, and accommodated many buyers when they came to view the property. Even the buyers would tell me how awesome and professional he was. He had 2 small dogs and they were never a problem for us or for showings. Every time I walked into the house it was perfect and ready for each showing. Agents have actually called me about your service and I always tell them it’s the best and I highly recommend it. I can’t say enough good things …. I was blown away.

John Kanica, Market Experts Realty

We’ve worked with Showhomes for nearly 10 years; they are very easy to work with. Living in a Showhome offered us a substantial reduction in rent rate and no taxes. It offered low expenses and a great place to live until we found the right house. By living in a Showhome we found the neighborhood that we wanted to live in; that was the biggest advantage to me!

Joe Cotten, Financial Advisor, Wachovia Securities

I always refer my clients to Emily and Showhomes because I know they will treat my clients with the utmost service and respect. They are always very accommodating to the homeowner. Showhomes is fantastic; they are very professional and have helped me sell many vacant homes!

Kathy Daiker, Realtor, Keller Williams

Over a ten year period I worked with Showhomes Dallas on not only inspecting homes that were occupied by Home Managers, but being a home manager myself throughout that period. Showhomes takes only the best people in home managers and as a result is very successful in working to help with the sales of all homes that they are associated with. 

In total great company, great service , and easy to work with.

Joel Kent, Interior Designer

Thank you for your wonderful service. My house finally got an offer! We should be closing in 2 weeks. The experience with your company has been very positive.

Denise L, Home Owner

I had almost resolved that I was going to have to settle for a small house, pay rent, AND pay for a storage unit for the furniture that would not fit when I came across an advertisement for Showhomes of America. It was an ad for a home that was on the market, and the rent was affordable! I thought it was a typo, but I called anyway and spoke with Kellie the placement manager. Kellie explained to me the program which gave me an attractive rent in an exceptional home, while I decorated the home and acted as a home manager until the home was sold.

My first Showhomes house was a 5,000 sq ft beautiful, newly constructed house very near my ideal location. I was there for 8 months and calculated I saved roughly $16,000 in rent!! Working with Kellie, Kim and Amy has been a wonderful experience! They have consistently been there to answer questions and help me.

I am hooked and love being a home manager! Affordable rent, comfortable houses and perfect locations! Thank you Showhomes of America!

Lola White, Designer, L & S Designs

I truly believe the furniture and furnishings helped this property sell in record time. I really look forward to working with you again as I believe strongly that Showhomes makes a big difference.

Donna K. Austin, Vice President/Senior Real Estate Specialist,
Real Estate Asset Management Services,
Wells Fargo Private Bank

Showhomes of America did a wonderful job with our listing on Misty Pond. We had a cash offer and closed in two weeks- they left the home in excellent condition!


I have enjoyed my experience with Showhomes of America. Thanks so much for your support during our experience with SHOA.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Jackie R., Home Manager

Thanks for a great job. We appreciate it.

Alan S.

I have used Showhomes to help me sell a home – It works!  Great program for a vacant property.  My listing was featured on ABC TV years ago – as a unique program.

Vicki Giorgetti, Realtor

I was skeptical of using this service until I did use it. Showhomes did everything they said they would and more. We put in place a great property manager and their furniture they had plus the interior decorating Showhomes performed! They sealed the deal and we received an offer in no time. The home had previously been on the market for over a year and after Showhomes performed their magic we had a contract in no time. I will definitely refer Showhomes to any clients that have an empty home to sell.”

Ron Holt, Realtor

My home had been on the market for one year and vacant for the last four of those months. I contracted with Showhomes and after they moved in and beautifully “staged” it we received a 12 month lease contract in just 160 days. I would work with them again. Thank you, Showhomes!

April Box Chamberlain,
President & CEO,
Methodist Health System Foundation

Showhomes moved into one of my listings and transformed it into a showplace. My sellers were unable to make necessary upgrades but once the furnishings were in place the outdated wall papers and flooring weren’t nearly as noticeable. Our showings increased.

Thank you, Showhomes!

Paul Fehrenbacher, Fehrenbacher Real Estate

My wife and I re-located to Dallas for a temporary work assignment. Not knowing how long our assignment will last, we have had the very good fortune of participating in a program offered by the Dallas office of Showhomes of America. Through the Showhomes program we have been able to occupy high end homes that are for sale but unoccupied, utilizing our furniture and personal effects in exchange for our expertise of managing high end properties. This program provides a Win-Win for all parties involved as the homes get well looked after and ultimately sell for a premium in a reasonable length of time. When a home sells Showhomes has another property ready for us. The people at Dallas Showhomes provide a great service and are a pleasure to work with.”

Roger L Humiston
1st Roger Humiston, Independent Aviation & Aerospace Professional, Contract Services